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our philosophy

We prefer to be candid and relaxed, a little bit romantic, but most of all REAL. I like to think of my style as a warm hug. I love emotion and connections, and that is what I strive to capture through my lens. Everyone has a story, and I want to tell yours. I view each wedding and session as a book without words – a book that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you laugh and cry.

We adore the relaxed and inviting feel of an outdoor wedding. The natural light an outdoor venue provides is a perfect companion for my preferred medium, film photography. Farms, fields, barns, southern plantation homes, beaches, mountains and unique destinations - wherever your wedding is, I would love to be there. Although Nashville is home for JPP, I travel for the majority of my weddings, both internationally and stateside. We are always up for an adventure, and our travel fees are minimal.

My favorite color is lace. I am obsessed with lace, tulle and chiffon wedding gowns, vintage and organic touches, luscious florals and creamy neutral tones. I love brides that “think outside of the box” and really infuse their personalities into their most important day. 

our style

We shoot a mixture of film and digital. Julie will almost exclusively shoot film, while our assistant will shoot digital. Why film? To us, film is classic. It’s an art form that cannot be duplicated, and it gives my images a timeless quality. I love the tones in film, and while it is more expensive than digital, it’s worth the extra investment in my business. I’m also obsessed with B&W images and feel that our work is a good mix of editorial and photojournalistic. The moments are so important on a wedding day, and when a bride tells me she is laughing and crying over the moments I captured, I’ve done my job. I am also very passionate about the tangible. I’m a photographer that will NOT give you digitals and run. While every clients receives digital images, all of our clients are also encouraged to include fine art albums and premium prints & framing services. This is the most.important.day.of your.life. These images need to be displayed and enjoyed, not on a computer or on a CD inside a drawer. “Oh that CD looks so pretty on your wall!” (said no one ever). Images are meant to be printed.

our offerings

We feel strongly about connecting with our clients. By connecting on a personal level, it allows us to truly tell your story. When you are comfortable with us, the emotional walls come down, allowing us to capture the real you. We have found over the years that it is impossible to do this without making sure that our clients are the perfect fit, so that you can have the best experience possible. 

We would love to chat with you, so please reach out to us. We only take a limited number of weddings per year, and our popular months book 12 to 18 months in advance.


weddings is Julie's happy place

the number of destination weddings we take per year

 the starting price to book Julie



$ 5500

 the starting price to book an associate

$ 3500

After several years of turning away weddings because I was already booked or out of budget, we decided it was time to add an associate program to JPP. This was years in the making. How could I just turn over weddings and have someone else shoot them with my name on it? The thought seriously scared me to death. I have worked so hard for 7 years to build the JPP brand, but I knew it was time. So I carefully hand-selected and trained my team. It is so important for each of my team members to have the same goals, processes and vision to shoot with the same passion as I. I found the right girls. I’m so proud to introduce you to my team.

Our associate pricing starts at $3000 and always includes 2 photographers.

our associate photographers

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meet the team!

Aubrey has been with JPP for 4 years. She was my first employee and I couldn’t imagine my business without her. In addition to shooting weddings when I need her, Aubrey is in charge of all the orders, album design, preparing the blogs and submissions. She is a wife to an amazing man and a mommy to a busy little toddler who I call Miss M. Fun fact, Aubrey was a JPP bride which gives her a little insight to weddings and what our brides are going through. Aubrey’s attention to detail makes her an amazing photographer. She is sweet, kind and caring, everyone needs an Aubrey in their life. Aubrey is inspired by emotional connections, loves spending time with her family, fresh flowers, cooking, party planning and creating beautiful things. 


next member of our team

I first met Sarah when she attended a workshop almost 4 years ago! Since then, Sarah has traveled with me, been my muse several times, been a JPP bride and is my full-time second shooter. Sarah is a talented photographer and has been shooting since she was 16 years old. She married her high school sweetheart last year and now calls Nashville her home. She just became a new “mom” to a greyhound named Nova. She is passionate about calligraphy and water color lettering, health and fitness, and cooking. When she’s not shooting weddings on a Saturday, you can find her and Justin having a brunch in a coffee shop, hiking or at the local farmers market.


next member of our team

Christy attended a JPP workshop last year and I immediately felt a kindred connection. I knew I needed to have a few local girls on my team and she was one of the first ones that I thought of. Christy has been shooting for 5 years and has recently started shooting film as well. Christy is a wife to her high school sweetheart and they live in Nashville with their two adorable kiddos who are 6 and 4. Christy was born and raised in Nashville, loves Anthro (that’s why we get along so well) Target, Starbucks, Antique stores, Adele, traveling and deserts, especially chocolate. I’m serious ya’ll, this girl is a younger version of me!


next member of our team

I’m so thankful for Rebecca, she helps me balance out the age gaps with all these young cuties! She super talented, her professional photography experience includes shooting weddings for 3 years but also 3 years as a photojournalist for a newspaper. I feel that this makes her unique because having the eye to capture moments as they happen is something so needed in wedding photography. She is wife to her college sweetheart who is a professor at Vanderbilt, mom to 2 beautiful boys, and as a family they enjoy collecting vinyl records and music is always playing in their home! Her hobbies include running (she has finished (5) half marathons) and hiking. She loves fresh flowers, silver jewelry, books and the ocean.


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