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This is my safe space. It's here where I will share my life, business and travels around the world. Grab a cup of tea, a warm cozy blanket and immerse yourself in what makes me, me. Inquiring minds want to know and I don't hold anything back! 


Eleven years ago, I was sitting in a tiny classroom teaching a group of kindergarteners how to sing. I was a happy, small-town wife, mom, and teacher with dreams that looked like going to Disney World and spending time with my family on the beach...

When I picked up a camera for the first time I had no long-term vision except to capture my kids in a more authentic way than those stiff JCPenney portraits. And yet, the world opened up for me in ways I never could have imagined. I fell in love with capturing warmth and genuine emotion behind my lens and slowly but surely built a business with connection at its center. And my business strategy worked...

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How To Know When
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I inspire business owners to stop the hustle & live the life they want to live through a 6-Month Mastermind, One-on-One Coaching, Online Masterclasses, Online Courses, and In-Person Workshops.


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