What I Do

I help creative entrepreneurs like you grow thriving, heartfelt, and profitable businesses that allow you to live out your unique success story.


It’s time to cultivate a business that supports the life you want to live...and it can feel GOOD deep in your soul, too.

As a business and pivot coach for entrepreneurs, I know that true success isn’t a copy-and-paste, “follow my blueprint” type of thing. It’s a completely personal journey that has to come from your heart. If you’re ready to ditch comparison, industry standards, and that laundry list of things you “should” be doing...I’m here to help you unearth YOUR unique potential and find the joy you’ve been missing all along. 

Here’s How I Can Help!



Ready to make some major changes in your business? It might be time to pivot and step into a brand new season. I can help with that!


Tired of trading your precious time for money? Burnout is real, and oftentimes scaling is the solution you need to build a truly sustainable business. 


Romantic editorial shoots and intimate soul-sessions are my cup o’ tea. Bonus points if we can shoot in Paris at sunset. Let’s create some beauty together! 

1.1 Coaching

A personalized, one-on-one coaching experience that’ll leave you with clarity & direction as you work to scale your business.

Ever wanted to “pick my brain”? Well, here is your chance to sit down with me all day either online or in person while we work through every aspect of your business and help you find your own success. This is not a one size fits all, this day is devoted to you and totally customized to you and your business. I promise, you’ll walk away feeling confident and empowered to level up. Click below to schedule a call. 


What You Can Expect From Working Together:

Confidence in the next-steps you need to take to scale your business.

A personalized game plan based on your dreams and vision for the future. 

Practical insights into how you can increase your income without burning out.

Permission to step into your own success story (and ditch comparison for good).


The JP Mastermind is all about pivoting into education and developing multiple streams of income in your business.

Over the course of 6 months , I will teach you how to find and discover your unique niche, hone in on your ideal audience, and create a lucrative sales ladder with multiple offers. The best part? It all ends with an in-person retreat that includes an online summit where you get to teach to my audience!

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mastermind student

"Learning from Julie honestly changed my business and life." 

"I came with an open mind and a heart to learn, but never expected to leave with the amount of knowledge that I did. In addition, I left with such a motivation that I quickly implemented what I learned, which led to me doubling my pricing and bookings for the next year! Julie is such an inspiration and truly wants to help others succeed. I would work with Julie a million times over again!”


mastermind student

"I promise if you work with Julie, you will walk away feeling inspired, educated, and confident."

"I was at a point in my career that I felt overworked, lacking inspiration and looking for a change. Since working with Julie I have made some amazing changes. I started incorporating film into my business which has reignited my passion for this work. I have learned to value my work, price accordingly and probably the most important, how to incorporate amazing customer service into my brand and business. I promise if you work with Julie, you will walk away feeling inspired, educated, and confident."


mastermind student

"My experience was priceless, and I'm so grateful for my time with Julie!"

"When I signed up I felt very defeated in my work. I couldn’t seem to make work and life happen. I felt lost with my work, my days were a mess and I didn’t feel like my work was important. Julie was a breath of fresh air! What I learned with her made me focus on what I wanted my work to be and how to best serve my clients. My experience was priceless, and I’m so grateful for the time with Julie, she was so open and answered any and every question we had so honestly! Thank you Julie!"

All the Pretty Places
International Retreats

Join me and 5 of your new best friends as we travel to beautiful destinations around Europe.

This is not a workshop, it is a retreat. But, if you are with me, don't worry, you will still shoot beautiful things!  Click the link below to get all the juicy details on each retreat we have planned for 2022.


Travel changed my business and it can change yours as well...

Here's a little peek into the Retreats....

Luxury accommodations 

Beautiful Experiences

Editorial Shoots

New Friends

New Inspiration

and don't forget about the food...


Once upon a time, the camera swept you off your feet and since then it’s been equal parts whirlwind romance and burnout cycle. Good news! I’m throwing open my virtual classroom doors and teaching you the exact strategies and principles I’ve harnessed to build a photography business that flourishes (even eleven years later). No fluff here, just overflowing lesson plans that’ll empower you to carve out your own wild success story.

See the Courses

Photographers, ready to enroll in some online education that’ll truly move your business forward?

1 Day Workshops
(US Based)

How do you stand out in a crowd?  Create images that get you noticed!  
Let's go beyond the pretty pictures and create art.  These workshops will help you do just that.
From designer dresses, iconic, high-end venues and vendors, you will walk away with scroll-stopping images that will make you stand out and get noticed!

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Join me in-Person for a very "hands-on" workshop, where the focus is on Light, Posing, Composition and how to create images that get you noticed!

What You Can Expect:

Hands-on Learning watching me shoot and giving instruction.

Ask me anything, I'm an open book.

Designer dresses, professional models, high-end luxury venues and vendors. 3 different set-ups with 3 different models to shoot in a small group.

Personal stories and business lessons that will guide you along your own journey. 


You’re looking for photographs that connect, dig deep, and capture your romance or brand in all it’s unique beauty. I’d love to be that storyteller for you.

I currently offer editorial photography for wedding brands and lookbooks along with portrait sessions for couples sessions based on connection, beautiful locations , and light. Although I was a full-time wedding photographer for 12 years, I’m now only taking a limited number of commissions for Destination Elopements. (50 guests or less) From day one, my goal has been to capture what is REAL, with nothing forced or posed. I want you to look at my images and feel something. And above all, I want to be your friend- because that's where the magic truly happens.

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 is a completely personal journey

It's time to rewrite your story

and                     new beginnings. 

            is a completely personal journey that has to come from your heart. It's time to         your story and embrace               beginnings.







Stop Getting Ghosted!

During the first few years of my business I remember pouring SO much effort into my inquiry process. My “perfected” email templates and information packets were supposed to wow anyone who inquired...yet I was getting ghosted way more than I wanted to admit.

So I went back to the drawing board and tried to crack the code for getting people to respond. Thankfully, it worked. And now I’m handing over my signature 5-minute process that’ll get your clients to respond. Simply enter your name and email below!


but first

Ready to help you unearth YOUR unique potential and find the joy you’ve been missing all along?