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JPP Workshops are for photographers looking for clear direction, individualized advice, and creative inspiration. I've mixed gorgeous styled shoots with practical business insights to provide you with an experience that covers all the bases (and more)! My goal is to help your business soar, and I'll stop at nothing to provide you with everything you need to make it happen.

Really, it all boils down to this: your business should be a reflection of YOU. I won't tell you how to build another Julie Paisley Photography...I'll show you how to build a business that draws upon your own beautiful experiences and strengths. 


I wasn't always a world-traveling photographer. In fact, I'm a teacher. It's always been my calling, and for 10 years, I walked into a classroom everyday. I remember buying my first camera, trying to learn photography and entrepreneurship all by myself. There were so many long nights, big doubts, and too many failures to count.

I've been there. But today that little business of mine allows me to see the world, support my family, create work that is seen in magazines, and most importantly, teach photographers like YOU how to do the same. I've been teaching other photographers since 2011, and it gives my teacher's heart so much purpose and joy to see my career come full circle in this way.

In 2020, I'll be offering two workshop / retreat experiences. The first is the Online Cottage Workshop which is a recorded version of the jam-packed workshop I taught for almost five years in our little Nashville cottage. The second is a retreat experience called Voyager et Inspirer which means, "to travel and inspire". This retreat is an intimate adventure in which I'll take you and five other photographers around my favorite places in Europe for a time of inspiration, beautiful photo opportunities, and a refreshed outlook on life and business. I would love to walk alongside you on your business journey and hope to share my knowledge with you in the upcoming year!

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