So, where do I even begin?
First, I'm Julie and already consider you a friend.
If you are new around here, this has been my home since I picked up a camera in 2008. Over the years, I grew this little "summer gig" business to multiple six figures, came "known" in my industry, had celebrity clients and seemed to "have it all".
But friend, we only show the highlights and over the years this job that I loved, slowly started killing me and in the fall of 2021, I nearly lost it all.

So what did I do?  I started over.
I walked away and wrote a book about it. 

Well hello there friend...
welcome to my little corner of the internet and I'm so glad you are here!


Although, I have retired from wedding photography and take on a very limited number of portrait sessions a year, I will always be a photographer. I'm also an author, a rest coach and I host retreats both in Europe and the US.

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I was the queen of burnout, over-achieving, people pleasing and running on empty until I nearly lost it all. Friend, you can run a successful business, be a great wife, mom, and friend without being a martyr. Let me show you how to bring balance back and live a life that brings you joy.

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I'm in Europe several times a year and I LOVE to book destination sessions! Click that contact button and let us know your plans!


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Join me on one of our retreats where we do just that! We focus on the 7 types of REST so you can RESET and find balance and joy again in your business and life.

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Need to REST and RESET?

I wrote a book!  2021 was the year that changed everything for me. Years of over-achieving, people-pleasing and burnout had rocked me to my very core and it was slowly killing me. I had to make a choice, walk away or lose it all.  This is my story of healing and how I brought balance back into my life and business, healed from religious trauma and was able to reset and pivot into a business that now brings me joy.

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