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Let's create
your own definition
of success

I help creative business owners
& photographers grow thriving, heartfelt, and profitable businesses rooted in their passion.

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It's time to stop the hustle &
live the life you want to live.

Not the one you think you need to live after scrolling through social media or binge watching online courses. The truth is, you have your own beautiful success story within you & my mission is to help you unearth it.

Whether you're hoping to create a business that allows you to travel the world (bonjour, Paris!), launch a passive income stream so you can be home with your babies, or simply find your own voice in a sea of competitors? I have just the thing for you...


Because you CAN cultivate a business that supports the life you want in a way you never thought possible...
and it can feel good deep in your soul, too.

What I do...
Yes, I'm in!

Twelve years ago, I was sitting in a tiny classroom teaching a group of kindergarteners how to sing. I was a happy, small-town wife, mom, and teacher with dreams that looked like going to Disney World and spending time with my family on the beach...

When I picked up a camera for the first time I had no long-term vision except to capture my kids in a more authentic way than those stiff JCPenney portraits. And yet, the world opened up for me in ways I never could have imagined. I fell in love with capturing warmth and genuine emotion behind my lens and slowly but surely built a business with connection at its center. And my business strategy worked...

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Ready to change course in your business but afraid to take the leap? This guide will give you the confidence you need to finally pivot.


Passive income is a buzz word in the creative industry but creating a truly profitable passive income stream takes some work. Here are 3 tips to make sure you are on the right path.

Let's Travel

All the Pretty Places - the retreat

Grab your passport, your camera and let's take off to Europe for a week of inspiration, experiences, beautiful shoots and so much more...

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What I Do

Well, I'm multi-passionate so you will never find me only doing "one thing". I'm slowing down my photography career and pivoting into coaching business owners to stop the hustle & find their OWN version of success.  I do this through 1.1 coaching, speaking and international retreats. 



Stop Getting Ghosted!

During the first few years of my business I remember pouring SO much effort into my inquiry process. My “perfected” email templates and information packets were supposed to wow anyone who inquired...yet I was getting ghosted way more than I wanted to admit.

So I went back to the drawing board and tried to crack the code for getting people to respond. Thankfully, it worked. And now I’m handing over my signature 5-minute process that’ll get your clients to respond. Simply enter your name and email below!


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VIP Intensive Coaching 

Ever wanted to “pick my brain”? Well, here is your chance to sit down with me all day either online or in person while we work through every aspect of your business.

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Success Stories


"She’s warm, she’s kind and she shares her knowledge because she genuinely wants to see you succeed. That’s the kind of person I want on my side. You won’t regret investing in someone who is also invested in you!" 

-Megan Helm

Success Stories


 Julie is wonderful and has always been kind, eager and helpful. She immediately came to mind to help coach me through the launch of a new Creative Education business. Her advice was relevant, appropriate, and strategic to help me pivot. She's a great listener and supports her advice with practical and thoughtful ways to implement. 

-Ben Finch

Success Stories


 Julie’s teaching ability is out of this world amazing. She is easygoing, compassionate, and completely honest with you in the nicest way.  Since being part of Julie’s mastermind, I have increased my pricing twice and am paying myself on a regular basis! I had so much doubt,
but with Julie’s expertise,
so much changed.

-Rabecca Dotson

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